Dec 17, 2011

Random Post # i dunno what number already.

Konami being a little too kind these days O_o

Took them some time to realize that sometimes we are waiting too long for Extra pack like a whole year , when issit OCG's turn to actually use tengu and tourguide..

Anways , Konami's GS2012 will have the following 2 cards at the bottom.

Mainspring Zenmaine - Got released early , yay new hype for Zenmai decks. (NR) maybe.
Pot Of Duality - Predicted meh , now everybody has Pot yay! Pretty Sure this is a NR card.

No shit.

So something i found out yesterday after owning the cards.

So Inzectors. After having them tested , ceh they are pretty broke , Hornet is worst then Acklys ,if you tell me. I dont care basically if youre setting Starlight Road , srsly , I pop a card every turn its crazy.

So Ninjas are pretty broke too , im sure some of you knows , Summon Priest dump magic card summon Armageddon Knight throw D.D scout plane , Exceed to Lavalal Chain , remove Exceed material dump another scout plane , and next turn Gold Ninja dumping a trap and calling Hanzo and adding Strike Ninja to your hand? oops. I wonder how many Plusses is that -_- i smell something fishy.Banlist Plox

So Zenmai , Instead of removing like Trishula , Zenmai can pretty much kill your opponents whole hand too ,effortless , this is how we do it , Summon Marauding Captain , summon another Zenmai Hunter , Exceed to Zenmaighty , Summon out Zenmai Rat , Zenami Rat switches to Defence , Targetting Zenmai Hunter , Zenmai Hunter tributes Zenmaighty , 1 hand gone , Rinse and Repeat. Its even more fun if Zenmai Magician is there, you can exceed to Daigusta Emeral and Return back 3 Zenmaighty and Rinse and Repeat till Opponents hand is 0

^ Looking at the decks above...

Im pretty sure , things to side has to be

1) Effect Veiler
2) D.D crow
3) Chain Dissapearance.

I think thats most of the YGO news. Verz is looking pretty sick because all of the Exceed cards look pretty much like IB Clones.

To the Vanguard News :

Currently no broken decks of any sort.

Unless the fifth set comes out.

This is Linglingwaiwai over and out.

Nov 29, 2011

Card Strategy KAGEROU BT01 & BT02

Hi this is

Today we discuss Kai's awesomeness , refer to picture below is a word Kai says when he thinks the game is over and you have no fucking chance to retaliate his attacks.

To play Kagerou , Its not easy buddy , i played it for six months and im still learning how to take advantage of it. Pretty fun if you tell me that i can scream '' FINAL TURN '' and my opponent would throw out tons of GRADE 3 to guard my Vanguards attack. HA HA HA HA.

Lets discuss Kagerou after the picture below.

Kagerou's play style is simple you DESTROY opponents Rearguards.

By destroying their rearguards.

1) They have a lost one of their rearguard which can be intercepted for 5000! usually , you will obviously destroy their 10k with intercept or their 10k Grade 3 beaters.

2) Or you could destroy their vanilla boost which means they have a lost a 8k beater

3) You are able to direct attack their vanguard which obviously when their damage is near 3 they will throw tons of 10k or 5k shields to defend.

Now to explain the cards that Kai uses ...

Dragonic Overlord - Kai's ace card

[C] [(V)/(R)]: If you do not have any other ::Kagero:: Vanguard or Rearguards, this card gets -2000 Power.
[S] [(V)/(R)]: [Counterblast: (3)] For the turn, this unit gets +5000 Power, gains the cardtext "[A] [(V)/(R)]: When this unit hits a Rearguard, Stand this unit.", and loses Twin Drive

By counterblasting 3 cards which for me is kinda steep , Overlord wakes again and can attack again , this card is good only if opponent doesnt nullify , with 11k attack which you use effect the attack of the card will go up to 16k maybe with a boost from the back it will reach 21-23k which is able kill any Grade 2-3 unit.

Wyvern Guard - Barri

[A] [Discard 1 ::Kagero:: from Hand] When this unit is called as a (G), you may pay the cost. If you do, your ::Kagero:: unit in the current battle cannot be hit.

Kagerous little null , dont be fooled by this cute little plane , this card has the ability to block 1 attack and make the opponents monster become 0

Lizard Soldier , Conroe

[A] When you Ride on this unit with a ::Kagero::, you may call this card as a Rearguard.
[S] [(R)] [Counterblast: (1), retire this unit] Search your deck for a Grade 1 or lower ::Kagero::, add it to your hand, shuffle your deck.

Kagerou starting Vanguard , they are other versions but this one seems to be the best , WHY? , as you know kagerou already has 2 GRADE 3's which can superior ride , sometimes when you run 2 types of Superior Ride in your deck , all you need to fill in 3 missing materials,which is why Conroe comes best , sack and get the missing card from your deck , and if youre lucky , when you get 3 in hand , you can Superior ride to Grade 3 meaning you are one step of advantage.

Lizard Conroe is good to search for the following card:

1) Wyvern Guard - Barri
2) Tahr or Bahr - For superior riding
3) Gatling claw or Iron Tail - For superior riding
4) Demonic Dragon Mage , Kimarra
5) Or basically any Grade 0 or Grade 1 units.

Dragon Knight Nehalem

Vanilla? Yes , but dont be fooled , i can actually beat my opponent to death with 10k beaters , its able to intercept too.

Demonic Dragon Mage , Kimnara :

This card is very useful as its a 6k booster , what really makes this card standout! CB 1 , move this unit to soul , Retire 1 Grade 1 unit , usually for destroying Grade 1 8k Vanillas and when you usually Superior Ride '' Blazing Flare Dragon '' you are likely to have 4 Souls , THIS card will make you have 5 SOULS , which you can use Blazing Flare effect as well as destroying 1 of your opponents Rearguard AS well as making Blazing Flare Dragon gaining 3K !! SUGOI NE

Hehe ,made the pictures myself. ^_^

Gatling Dragon Grade 0

Nothing special , counterblast 1 , blow up 1 Grade 0 , i would save for Kimnara though.Makes Blazing Flare get 3k though , what i love about it is , Its a draw trigger with an effect.

Iron Tail Dragon Grade 1

Counterblast 1 , increase it by 1k == pointless. Although sometimes late game you have too much damage and havent CB then you can use , other than that == pointless. Just because its a material for Blazing Flare , RUN 4 , 7k not too bad for boost

Blazing Core Grade 2

Basically the cream for calling out Blazing Flare , if you has 2 of the above material all go to soul and RIDE DO '' BLAZING FLARE DORAGON '' but you gotta Counterblast 1 First , usually i hope people on turn 2 will smack me for 2 damage so i can gain advantage FAST.

Blazing Flare Dragon Grade 3

Soulblast 5 , Retire 1 Rearguard. Just that simple , effect no.2 is pretty good too. Whenever a unit on opponents field is retired , BFD gains 3K. With its attack of 10K +3k when retiring + 8k vanilla boost = 21k , you able to make your opponent throw 2 10k shield and 1 5k shields.

Embodiment of the Spear , Tahr Grade 0

Basically a Crictical Trigger , RUN 4

Embodiment of Armor , Bahr Grade 1

Basically a vanilla 8K

Dragon Knight , Aleph Grade 2

Basically the cream for making Embodiment of Victory ,CB 1 Move cards above to soul , SUPERIOR RIDO , The Monkey King , Shi Mu Hong

Embodiment Of Victory , Aleph Grade 3

Hmm.. Now youve riden to Grade 3 , Let me show you damage babeh , You have 4 Damage face up , you call 1 Dragonic Overlord , You CB3 making it gain 5k and auto 2nd effect, you use Embodiments of Victory , sending Dragon Knight , Tahr and Bahr Face UP all DAMAGE WOOT , call another Dragonic Overlord waste your opponents shield i guarentee , he would be left with no cards in hand.

This wraps up , Kagerou's playstyle , Next i would introduce ROYAL PALADINS.

Thanks for reading.

Nov 26, 2011

Vanguard & YGO

WOW. Like so long time no post already.

Im still active in Card Games
Weiss Schwarz - In Brunei , Only 2 people play lol. Sad right. Im trying to stay competitive but due to lack of players , sigh throw aside first.

Battle Spirits - WOW , this card game died. Seems nobody did enjoy anything of it. Still kept Purple and Green deck LOL. Wasted quite a lot of money on this game.

Yu-gioh - In my country very funny, after me and good friend introduced Cardfight! Vanguard , nobody touch Yu-gi-oh already , even the shop stop ordering ORCS already damn sad , but this is the best chance for me to kickback to Yu-gi-oh!

Looking at Inzecter and Ninja , very fun decks. Inzecter looks solid , since i like dragunity which its effect is to equip to the monster , inzecter on the other hand acts like Dragunity . Ninja on the other hand looks pretty solid also , since Ninjitsu art of trasformation & the other ninjustsu is really sick and can bring out Dragons or Winged beasts...

Saw somebody >_> bring out Dark Simorgh , cheap & dirty.

Vanguard - TOO HOT. 80% of the players play Vanguard. Pretty good game , standard mechanics , sometimes really repetitive , seriously all you do is block block attack attack , very luck based game, GETO Trigger +5000


actually this game needs SETUP. And of course a very good draw.

For those who dont know Vanguard , you can always go to to learn their card game rules.

What deck i use ?

Sheesh , Got all of the decks , BUT NO PROMO CARDS.

Currently most expensive deck right now is the OTT also known as the Oracle Think Tank.Gonna start introducing some cards below.


This is a GRADE 3 card , you can see theres a V and R

V = Vanguard
R= Rearguard

Since Vanguard represents you , when your opponent declares an attack on your vanguard , and sucessfully HITS! , you take 1 DAMAGE , when you have 6 you lose the game.

The game gets fun when you have triggers , currently there are 4 , maybe , YES MAYBE in the near future theres more =_= youll never know WS has so many game mechs right now.

RED TRIGGER - Draw 1 card and plus 5000 to Vanguard or Rearguard.

GREEN TRIGGER - Heal 1 damage if you and youre opponent damage are the same and plus 5000 to a Vanguard or Rearguard.

YELLOW TRIGGER - Crictical trigger , an attack usually does 1 damage , triggering this means youre able to add another damage , plus 5000 to a Vanguard or Rearguard.

BLUE TRIGGER - Stand one of your Rearguards , Yes Rearguard , If you stand Vanguard thats pretty stupid , plus 5000 to a Vanguard or Rearguard.

Quick Simple Explanations :

DRIVE CHECK : When you declare an attack , look at the top card , if its a trigger apply color and add to hand , and only Vanguard can drive check , Rearguard cannot.

BOOST : Only Grade 1 and Grade 0 has the power to boost , Grade 1or Grade 0 behind add attack to front.

Intercept : Only grade 2 has the power to Intercept , move Rearguard to Guardian Circle
super useful when your rearguard is 10k each and intercept ability , sometimes really it saves lives.

Aite aite enought ranting , just check the website above for the RULES AND GAMEPLAYjust giving you guys pretty FAST HEADSTART.

Time to show you guys something cute. The EVOLUTION of grade 0 , 1 , 2 and 3

The cards below has SEARCH RIDE . Meaning you get to see if you can get the Next Piece and RIDE IT , and you cant normal ride.

Basically you start out as a Grade 0 , if you get the card below , RIDE IT!


YOU BECOME THE HALF MOON !!! , You get to Soulcharge 2 here , AND NEXT TURN


CUTE RIGHT. Yes and as expensive as hell

THE END , Ill post more about VANGUARD next week...

Jul 8, 2011

Zombie POWA

Did anyone already read this by Konami.

Its a zombie tuner!

wow. Everytime when you think the game is gonna die. A new suprise attack suddenly kicks in , not to say but im always a zombie fan.

This year has many intresting reprints such as the AHERM '' Tin Duality ''

Which makes all the OCG people selling their Duality and going for TCG dualities.

For now. Going to be posting less about YGO because i dont see much action this days . Its the same old same old decks when you open Shriek.

Jun 10, 2011

Random Deck Post #5

Hi Readers, since my Tengus came from the USA , just made a Tengu doppel deck. And if you say Tengu's gonna be ban, i doubt it , if you start with an open hand of 2 tengus , scoop is the only way out , it clogs up your hand , I would say it works great in Scraps though.

In the meantime , Brunei Darussalam is filled with Bushiroad Madness , i gotta say Weib Swartz and vanguard is kinda fun , make your favourite anime deck mines are Fairy Tail and Nanoha , although when you play '' Climax '' in Weib Swartz , it sounds kinda wrong , aherm '' Climax '' = '' Girls '' >_> The good thing is you dont need a broken deck to win like ygoz. All you need is good luck.

Tengu Doppel Plants -

Cloudian Quasar , Its for the lol man, this deck is so random . I like Creature swap . Awesome Tech.

Its good if you draw Emperor Decree first turn. My Gf uses a Hopeless and killed me when she activated DDV , can you feel the ouch. Drop your whole hand .

Gonna wait for the next booster and next week is the release of SD Dark world , Oh yeah!

And 2 more weeks , WS Madness @@

Good Night Readers.

May 26, 2011

Underated Archtypes.

Quiet days. Nowadays everybody seems so quiet about Yu gi oh, most of the players in Brunei are now shifting towards Vanguard and some towards WS ( me lol) . Anime Characters Cards = Awesome. The reason Battle Spirits died is because of TCG cards big and OCG cards small since we cant mix. The game dies.

Nevertheless YGO is a good past time game for everybody.

I have a complete set of Cloudians already , gonna try the Quasar Cloudians at night , the reason i didnt make it because every water deck nowadays need SALVAGE especially '' Ritua '' . Ritua seems to be a very underated archtype in YGO. But when i tested it out , oh my. I cannot tell you how dangerous it is at hand controlling , you cant compare it to friendly cousin '' Sabers '' Cause sabers really Hand Rapes , But when Dark World comes out , Ima gonna laugh because throwing Dark Worlds hand = Self owned.


And so they released 2 rituas which one you can discard to Graveyard to search 1 Ritual Monster and the other discard to graveyard to search 1 Ritual Magic Card , also assisting Rituas are Ritua Sharky which looks like a shark, its effect can add 1 1000 def Monster Ritua to your hand , the 2 searches are less than 1k so , ._.'' lols. Also another thing is Ritua Beast can special summon 1 Ritua lvl 4 or less without its effect negated , special summon your sharky to search another Ritua to hand , very abusive LOL. Try it !

Gladiator Beast with Icarus.

This is the new format , dont need to explain , its all about tagging and controlling. Love the Forbidden Lances here, great tech .

1) See Bottomless , Open Forbidden Lance. WEEEEE!
2) See opponent attack using Stardust Dragon 2500 Attack , You have 1800 No worries , LANCE IT , Stardust becomes 1700 , Stardust dies , Tag your G.B

Thats all for today folks :D

May 22, 2011

Boring lah

Short Post, Nowadays Dueling Network is on and then the Website can play 5000 People.

I dont see the reason to buy cards anymore lol , go there save MONEY.

1) Play and test out new decks, this Chaos Luster guy damn smart anything come out very updated system.

2) You prolly can host a tournament inside, no need move your Butt already. You play from your home i play from mine. LOL save car fuel. No need go to a certain meet up point like Brunei's lame GPC. But better than nothing.

3) Its addictive.

May 9, 2011

Scraps Again?

Back a week ago , Scraps were basically Scraps. I mean they were slow , useless , and even if we happen to bring out Scrap Dragon the moment your opponent opens a Bottomless Trap Hole, your hope is basically gone, since Konami killed Priority, people nowadays plays Trap Stun , checking my pile today i happen to find worm xex and yagan lying around . WOW i gotta say both of this monsters makes very good food for Exceeds .

Scenario :

I happen to summon worm xex and dumping yagan , using yagan i reborn in face down position , next turn , i stun and Exceed for Inverz Roach. I dump Scrap Beast to Graveyard and summon Scrap Chimera and synchro them for Scrap Dragon , wow all i can say is Mike is right, it creates a pretty powerful lockdown. Wait , this is the good part , as you guys already know , Scrap Recyclles itself like madness , Adding chimera to your hand every turn makes easy RANK 4 , I happen to play a game which i stalled with 2 Scrap Goblin , LOL RANK 3 Babeh! Revise Dragon came out, but very useless -_- ''

The rest is pretty much straight foward. Have Fun people. Thanks for reading.

Exceed is good stuff man, I mean Mainspring Zenmeister , Inverz Roach , Hope are good stuff.

Apr 29, 2011

Why so Serious? Part 2

Good Morning , The days are now filled with Vayu Viruses , Junk Doppels , Hero Masks , Light duals , Frog Synchros . Why not kick back relax , and not be so dead serious about winning. Going back to good old classic De Junk dupe Inferno Summon.

Yes people. You can either spam Formulas or you can spam draw. I made this deck in like 5 Minutes. Its Cheap. Its Fun . Its Fantastic . The fun is when you duped Rescue Boat or Tuningware and then draw De-Synchro. You De-Synchro and synchro and draw 3. Watch your opponents face as you draw like theres no tomorrow.The only thing that keeps this deck down is lots of backrow from opponent so make sure you stun your opponent before doing stunts. The Funny part yesterday was i Synchro-ed Trishula by Summoning Debris + 3 with effects Tuning Supporter = LVL9 , And i has got like 2 Desynchro to spam, did the Trishula spam, and removed up to 3 cards. Then i draw like 6 cards. =_=~~

Thats all folks.

Apr 24, 2011

Cloudian Synchro? EDITED.


[ You know soemtimes i just love the community so much, Heavy Shit came in and suggested a few ideas , I agree he has far more superior built and every deck needs adjustment. Its better to take out the 2 hand destruction and therefore replace it with Moray of Greed and -1 Cloudian Storm Dragoon and - 2 Cloudian clouds , dunno whats the name and replace with 2 swap frogs. Also - Scapegoat and replace for 2 Treeborns , Anyways ill start doing the deck again tonight , I still dont like screech , lol. Oh gosh ! And i need to think something with replacing the Emperor Decree. Actually ive seen a few built utilising Treeborn as it will conflict with Emperor @_@ v .]

Hello Joz here bringing you a very low budget deck called Cloudian Synchro. The deck has only seen play in the US. In Asian countries i dont think people really try to built it. The deck itself is very cheap because in TCG Genex Undine and Controller are commons. But for OCG you really have to buy Duel Terminal for those 2. This deck is very explosive if you can draw the right cards in early start of the game.

The main idea of the deck is to summon Turbulence , get a Smoke Ball from deck and from your graveyard discard to reborn fishborg and synch it into Formula Synchron. You can also summon Turbulence bringing out Smoke Ball and play Fog control to tribute the Smoke ball to put 3 Counters on Turbulence and do more Formula Stunts.

Since all of Cloudian are mostly Fairy Type monsters, I guess Kristia fits in like gold , dont you think. And most of that they cant be destroyed by battle, what a shame , they can stall a bit , now for Cloudian Strom dragoon , You must remove a Cloudian to special summon it , after summoning Storm Dragoon , you can put a counter on a face up cloudian , its a once per turn effect meaning , more counters on Turbulence leading to more Formula Spam.

The magic you can see that i play 3 Salvage. I swear to GOD. If surfacing comes out in Generation Force , tsk tsk... Im gonna put at least 2 in. Now I dont think theres anything to explain the magic, wait... Jar of Avarice , the reason i play 2 because you summon Formula every time in the game so youre gonna pot all 3 back to your extra and do more.

This deck isnt as fast as Doppel Junk because as you can see Doppel after synchro summoning leads to 2 more doppel tokens , but this deck relies on hand advantage but no worries , you can also synchro Quasar Dragon easily in this deck. All you need is For Example

Graveyard - Fishborg Gunner and Cloudian monster and another Fishborg Gunner

Hand - Cloudian Turbulence and Storm Dragoon and 2 random cards.

Summon Cloudian Turbulence and bring out a smoke ball , discard a card to bring out Fishborg , Discard another to bring out Fishborg.

Formula Synchro 1 , Draw 1 . Next summon Cloudian Storm Dragon , removing a smoke ball and put a counter on Turbulence. Turbulence finds another smoke ball....and so on so on...

Next thing you know you have 2 Librarian with 6 cards in hand and a formula synchron on field. Say what.. Quasar it. LOL WHACK WAHCK. Even Better if you have 4 fairies exactly, Kristia pops out i dont think they can do shit next turn. Oh and Royal Decree is pretty self explanatory makes you do your stunts safely without caring Solemn warning or anything is lurking at the back.

Thats all folks. Im gonna make more decks now and then. Kinda free at night sometimes. Thanks~