Dec 17, 2011

Random Post # i dunno what number already.

Konami being a little too kind these days O_o

Took them some time to realize that sometimes we are waiting too long for Extra pack like a whole year , when issit OCG's turn to actually use tengu and tourguide..

Anways , Konami's GS2012 will have the following 2 cards at the bottom.

Mainspring Zenmaine - Got released early , yay new hype for Zenmai decks. (NR) maybe.
Pot Of Duality - Predicted meh , now everybody has Pot yay! Pretty Sure this is a NR card.

No shit.

So something i found out yesterday after owning the cards.

So Inzectors. After having them tested , ceh they are pretty broke , Hornet is worst then Acklys ,if you tell me. I dont care basically if youre setting Starlight Road , srsly , I pop a card every turn its crazy.

So Ninjas are pretty broke too , im sure some of you knows , Summon Priest dump magic card summon Armageddon Knight throw D.D scout plane , Exceed to Lavalal Chain , remove Exceed material dump another scout plane , and next turn Gold Ninja dumping a trap and calling Hanzo and adding Strike Ninja to your hand? oops. I wonder how many Plusses is that -_- i smell something fishy.Banlist Plox

So Zenmai , Instead of removing like Trishula , Zenmai can pretty much kill your opponents whole hand too ,effortless , this is how we do it , Summon Marauding Captain , summon another Zenmai Hunter , Exceed to Zenmaighty , Summon out Zenmai Rat , Zenami Rat switches to Defence , Targetting Zenmai Hunter , Zenmai Hunter tributes Zenmaighty , 1 hand gone , Rinse and Repeat. Its even more fun if Zenmai Magician is there, you can exceed to Daigusta Emeral and Return back 3 Zenmaighty and Rinse and Repeat till Opponents hand is 0

^ Looking at the decks above...

Im pretty sure , things to side has to be

1) Effect Veiler
2) D.D crow
3) Chain Dissapearance.

I think thats most of the YGO news. Verz is looking pretty sick because all of the Exceed cards look pretty much like IB Clones.

To the Vanguard News :

Currently no broken decks of any sort.

Unless the fifth set comes out.

This is Linglingwaiwai over and out.

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Anonymous said...

damn yugioh :( time to go into vanguard XD Rol here :P